Thanks for dropping in.  This site provides a place for me to document some of the lessons I’ve learned about leadership and organization from over 30 years in the Air Force as an officer and a fighter pilot along with the lessons my wife, Bizzy, has learned from over 10 years as a successful entrepreneur. Our goal is to pass on the things that we’ve learned so that you can use them to create a system that can help you kill it in business—before your business kills you.

Bizzy started out, as many of you have, as a “solopreneur.” She had a knack and an affinity for residential real estate and decided that she would get her real estate license to “make a little extra money” by monetizing the things that she enjoyed and at which she excelled. If you’re a photographer, bookkeeper, physical therapist, tutor, insurance salesperson or any number of other service professionals you’ve likely run into the same conundrum that Bizzy did. You’ve decided that you want to turn your passion or your hobby into a business and you’ve learned, probably the hard way, that being technically proficient at your passion and building a successful business that doesn’t overwhelm your entire life are two completely different tasks requiring two totally different skillsets.

Technical excellence in your field will get you in the door, but building and running a successful, scalable business requires structure and systems. What Bizzy and I have found is that the systems and structure found in an Air Force fighter squadron provides the foundation upon which a solopreneur can create a business that produces great results without turning into 24/7 soul-sucking drudgery.

We want to help you by passing on the lessons we’ve learned. Check in often as we add content that we hope will help you be successful.

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