I've spent my entire adult life as a student of one of the most high performance cultures on the planet.  I walked up the ramp to the Air Force Academy's terrazzo as an 18-year-old, fresh out of high school.  Six years later, I flew my first sortie in an F-16 Viper (or Fighting Falcon if you want to use the official term).  Since that first sortie in July of 1994, I've had the privilege of being a USAF fighter pilot and instructor in the Viper.  That's over 24 consecutive years of honing my craft with a group of some of the most motivated and effective people in the world.  

I help organizations achieve their peak performance by passing on the lessons I’ve learned over a long career in the Air Force. Whether you’re a solo-preneur trying to create a business from your passion, a CEO of a large company looking to hone your leadership skills or the General Manager of a Major League Baseball franchise trying to win a World Series, fighter pilot habits will make you and your team more effective.

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